A Visit to Shell Cove Park, Sheffield Lake, Ohio


Sheffield Lake, Ohio – Today LifeInLorain visited Shell Cove Park.  The park is located along Lake Road, (US 6) about 200 feet west of Irving Park Boulevard.

This park has a historical marker which states it was the site of a “Terrible Fish” (Scientific name – Dunkleosteus terrelli.)  and fossils of this extinct fish were apparently found here in  1867.  We didn’t come across any of them extinct or living, but the sign for some reason made me think “Lake Erie Monster” right away.  —smile—

Here is a photo of the historical marker:

To me, it seems like this park can’t make up it’s mind what it wants to be, a playground park or a observation of the lake park, or maybe it is trying to be both, I am not quite sure.  The park has playground equipment which you just know the child are going to run for.  But I would watch children very carefully while visiting this park because aside from the entrance to the observation deck, both sides of the park have quite the drop off to the lake.  There is a small mud cliff on the west side of the park, behind a split rail fence, near picnic tables where a child can easily fall off of down to the water’s edge and the same goes for a split rail fence separating the play ground from the lake bank.

The center of the park leads down to an observation deck, which is pretty nice and has a nice ramp built up to it.  Disabled persons maybe invited to the deck by the look of it from afar, but I think for safety’s  sake they should venture to the deck with some assistance, as there is no paved trail to the deck entrance.

The ground leading to the deck was wet as it is a natural run off for rain and melting snow, and there were bicycle tracks in the mud leading to the ramp.

The park’s greatest asset is that it is a great place to set up a tripod to take some pictures of the setting sun over western Lake Erie.  Its not a bad park by any means.  The deck was sturdy and strong, but will need some painting or staining this spring when the weather breaks.


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