The Sheffield Lake Community Park & Boat Launch

3/12/2012 – Sheffield Lake, Ohio.
Yesterday, LifeInLorain visited the Sheffield Lake Community Park and Boat Launch located at 4001 Lake Rd  (US 6).  What a great place to go, even if you don’t have a boat.  We were really impressed!

Upon arrival, I saw these posts with what looked like old fashion lamps on the top of them, but as we got closer, I realized they weren’t lamps at all; they were binoculars.  They aren’t the old coin slot binoculars like you see in the old movies on top of the Empire State Building.  These are free to use and enjoy.  How cool is that?

There are three of them and they are located right next to the walkway of the parking lot as you pull in.  These have little focus knobs on the bottom for zeroing on on boats, or birds, or anything you care to look at.  Very nice.  Each binocular has a plaque attached which reads, “Dedicated In Loving Memory Of Jack Piskura, April 13, 1941 – August 28, 2011 – The Piskura Family”. 

Another impressive aspect of the Park is two wind turbines which turn wind into power.  Very green.  These small wind turbines do not harm or interfere with the parks looks at all.  In fact, they probably also serve as a land mark on shore aiding boaters on their way back to the launch from the lake. 

 I was curious about the wind turbines so I placed a call to City Hall, and spoke with Mr. Len Smith, Service Director of Sheffield Lake.  My question; Do these turbines supply the power being used at the boat launch navigation lamps and what not?

“Not exactly,” Mr. Smith answered. “They are attached directly to the community power grid.  But they do supply enough power to the grid so that the power used at the park is virtually free.”   Very cool, and very green, I say.

I could tell in speaking with Len Smith that he is very proud of the park and boat launch.  “We (Sheffield Lake) were awarded the BoatUS Recreational Boating Access Award in 2008.”  You can read more about the yearly award here: .

The Boat Launch features 2 lanes, one for launching, one for retrieving.  Additional over flow parking is located just across the street.  Most areas of the park are handicapped accessible, with even a little pull off adjacent to the boat ramp on the east side – making it easier for disabled persons to enter into a boat before or after the launch.  Everything is paved wonderfully in concrete.  A huge walk way runs out along the launch and curves around out into the lake.

As you can see from the photos, the walkway is just to the east of the ramp.  It seems they thought of everything when designing this park/launch and I can see why they won that award.

Here are two photos one looking down the ramp northward, the other of the ramp looking toward the shoreline southward.

The entire park and launch are protected by security cameras.  A sign posted at the entrance to the ramps explains the rules.  There is a swimming beach located to the east of the boat launch ramps.  It is swim at your own risk as no life guards will be on duty.  There are picnic tables along the lake bank.

The Sheffield Lake Community Park and Boat Launch was an absolutely beautiful place to visit.  It surely draws boaters from every port along the North Coast.  But as mentioned earlier, even without a boat this park is worth visiting.  Even if you have to drive a ways to get there.  Whether your into setting out onto Lake Erie for that prized walleye, or just looking for a place to walk along the lake holding hands and enjoying the sunset, this is one fine park.

Thank you Len Smith, Service Director of Sheffield Lake, Ohio for answering my questions.  Sheffield Lake City Hall (440) 949-7141.


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