A Visit to John’s Bait & Tackle

3/13/2012 – Avon Lake, Ohio
This morning, LifeInLorain paid a visit to a little bait store I have always wanted to check out, John’s Bait & Tackle in Avon Lake, Ohio.  This little bait store is nestled away in the Artstown Shopping Center, 33473 Lake Road. (The same shopping center which used to host the Avon Lake movie Theatre.  It is not part of the strip mall area of the shopping center which used to house the theater, it is a stand alone little shop between those store fronts and the Johnny Malloys/Geppettos.  It is not visible from Lake Rd., You’ll have to pull into the shopping center to find it.)

There I met the owner, John Arkey, a very friendly guy who knows the area fishing trends well.  When I first went in, I was amazed at the amount of fishing tackle and accessories John has in the place.  There are fishing poles suspended across the ceiling; and fishing tackle and accessories everywhere.  The man literally has every nook and cranny stuffed with any kind of lure, sinker, or spreader you can imagine.

John popped out from the back a few moments after I walked in.  “Hi.  How’s it going,” he said.  “It’s a beautiful day out there.”

“Yes it is,” I answered.  “So what are they catching out there this time of the year?  I stopped in to get the scoop.  The fishing report.”

“Well,” John answered.  “The Crappie are still biting in the creeks, streams and rivers.  And of course their catching trout in the Rocky River this time of year.”

This is exactly the kind of bait & tackle shop I grew up with when I was a child.  I remember walking to Peck’s Cottages when I was a child and asking the counter person about what was biting.” (See Mark E. Schrull in the banner on our home page.)

John Arkey has owned John’s Bait & Tackle for nearly 14 years.  If you’re looking for the latest fishing reports, or just some advice on where to land that big cat-fish, I’d check out John’s Bait & Tackle in Avon Lake.


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