A Walk In Kopf Family Reservation Trail

Avon Lake – Yesterday, LifeInLorain visited a little walking path behind the Avon Lake Public Library by the name of Kopf Family Reservation.   This is a pretty nice little walking trail that leads through the forest behind the Library.  The office for the park is supposed to be located inside the library, although we didn’t visit it yesterday.

The trails are paved asphalt and seem to be well maintained.  There was one spot where drainage was blocked and water covered the path, but I believe it is just a temporary problem that will be addressed when weather permits.  Over all the trails were well kept and maintained.  This is a great trail to take children to who are new at bike riding, handicapped persons and even those in wheel chairs.  The asphalt trail is flat and wide and away from heavy traffic.  No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail.

This trail is also a great place for bird watching and we heard many different species.  There were several different types of nests in the trees.  I spoke with a gentleman along the path who said there is supposed to be one or two bald eagles nested in the reservation, although he did not know where specifically.

There is definitely deer throughout this park, and we saw many small wild animals like this squirrel that didn’t seem to mind our close proximity to his spot.

Put this trail on your list if you want an easy, none strenuous walk or bike ride; or if you just want to take an easy stroll through a wooden area.
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