Great Antiques – A Visit to “The 530 Shop”

Lorain, Ohio –
Yesterday, 3/27/12, LifeInLorain visited a great antique shop right on Broadway in Lorain, Ohio.

What a pleasent surprise, and what a great visit.  I am into antiques and collectables myself so when I was approaching the store, I was happily greeted with windows filled and displaying  hundreds of old and fasinating items.  There were pictures of past mayors, drawings of old Lorain
trolly cars, vintage posters, antique toys, collectable dolls, the old giant fork and spoon my mother used to have in the house I grew up in, and much, much more.

The store has a unique personallity.  Vintage music seasons the air as you window shop at the store entrance.  One could spend an hour looking over all the neat things displayed in windows on both sides of the store front.

As I looked through the glass, I found myself drifting though rooms in my mind where I hadn’t been in years;  and I hadn’t even entered the store yet.  That’s the great thing about visiting The 530 Shop, its not just your run of the mill antique shop.  This place has character and visiting it is like a event.  A trip down memory lane.  A step back into the past, if you will.

After spending quite some time amazing and amusing my mind looking through the windows, I entered the shop and was greeted by Art Oehlke, Proprietor.
Mr. Oehlke opened the shop nearly 10 years ago and has been collecting antiques and collectables his whole life.  “I opened the store in part to display all these things,” Art said. 

“Some times people will call me looking for something old and hard to find and I just happened to have one.”

I believe that too; and I bet he knows just where anything is.  I mentioned to Art that I noticed the huge fork and spoon in his front window and Art took me over to a smaller pair resting in a display case inside the store.

If you are looking for a special gift for that special someone in your life, or if you are looking for that hard to find vintage toy, sign or LP record, or even if you just want to take a ride and visit a unique antique and collectibles shop with items you can’t find anywhere, you need to check out this shop.  They just might have what you are looking for.

The 530 Shop is located at:
530 Broadway
Lorain, OH 44052.


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