LifeInLorain Road Trip to Somerset, Kentucky

Once in a while, LifeInLorain has to go on a road trip.  This post notes highlights from our latest trip to Somerset, Kentucky.  It all started on 4/2/2012, at high noon, when I picked up the rent-a-car.  My truck might have made it, but with gas prices what they are and my old F150 with its powerful V-8 engine sucking down gas like an athlete on steroids, I thought it best to rent a gas efficient new car.  She was a gem, cost was 30 dollars one way in fuel.  I figure it like this, the rent a car was a wash, why not ride in luxury.  The destination – my brother-in-law’s house, placed perfectly on a farm in Kentucky, surrounded by rolling hills and gentle woods.

 We arrived close to 3:30 in the AM.  My companions were tired from the 7 hours in the car and retired to their chambers.  I couldn’t do that.  Too stressed from the time behind the wheel, I needed a Gin and Coke to relieve my shoulders from the stress of gripping the wheel 7 hours.  I also knew birds would sing in concert shortly.  I could hear their restless peeps already though the sun had not yet hinted of a rise.

  As the sky lightened, I walked back toward the barn.  Live stock was everywhere.  A rooster greeted me as I approched the barn.  Inside his coup, he kept his hens in line and struted about proudly putting me on notice that he was the cock of the walk in these parts, even if his parts were confined inside a clearly defined area.

A momma cow, and her two calves mosied around the pasture next to the barn.  I wondered if they always get up to watch the day come in over the hill a far.  Or perhaps the wild birds singing and yelling through out the woods is what makes them rise and graze.  Either way they were up and at it way before I was.

I was happy to see the barn was neat and clean and the animals were well cared for.  Hogs and baby pigs ate to their hearts content within their pens.  They seemed happy to see a early morning visitor and greeted me with snorts and grunts.

Suddenly a great gasp came amongest the animals.  The chickens skipped a cluck.  The pigs missed a snort.  Even the rooster halted his cockadoodle-do, and I knew the sun was ready to burst over the hill.  What a great morning it was and here are the pictures of sunrise in Somerset, Kentucky on 4/3/2012.

It was a great trip.  I think the Bluebird of happiness winked at us.  Here is a picture of an Kentucky Bluebird.  Happy Easter Everyone!


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