Earth Day 2012 is Tomorrow

Tomorrow, April 22nd, 2012, is Earth day.  How many times I have seen this day come and go over the years.  But this year, I am going to pay special attention.  Maybe some of the tragic weather events which hit the United States shocked me.  So many tornadoes and so fierce.  It might be I am thinking about the planet more than usual because of the publicity predictions the world will end in December have received.  Or maybe it’s because I was sitting in a park the other day and I see some guy just throw down his cigarette butt.
     This year, more than most, headlines about the health of the earth scream out at me.  The South Western States are going to have a drought and be on water alerts because the unusually warm spring caused early melts of winter snow caps which weren’t as large as they were supposed to be to begin with.  Forest fires have appeared in New York and other North Eastern states because the spring was dry.
     I don’t know why Earth Day is sticking out so much to me this year.  But I do believe one thing…. If this planet doesn’t change the course it is on fairly soon, mankind is in for a very rough time.
     I see a future where suddenly, and absolutely, strict laws are enacted and enforced about our environment.  I see a time ahead when the world will take the planet’s health so serious governments and ruling groups will desperately try to put the brakes on man’s disregard for the world’s water, soil, and air.  It will be a new age when thinking about the earth we live on is taught from the very first years of school.  Young people will be taught the planet we live on is everyone’s and not one individuals.  They will be taught what native indians believed, the land can not be owned, only used for a short time while we are alive. 
     Smoke stacks will become a thing of the past and any place with one will be considered a disgrace of the past.  There will no longer be tail pipes on cars and trucks.   You’ll have an electric car or you won’t have one.  All electric power will be produced by wind, solar, or water hydraulic means.  Its going to be tough at first and many will suffer the hardships of things like, not enough power to go around, not enough clean water.  Produce and food will be acquired locally and there will be shortages as huge deasil burning trucks will be illegal.
    I see a future like this and the chaos which comes with it.  More than likely, it will start in my senior years or after I am dead, but it will begin before the Earth chokes out and I hope it won’t be too late.
     I accepted an assignment from Yahoo: “Write a poem about Earth Day.”  It is kind of dark, and you may not like it.  But the subject matter is dark.  What we do to the Earth everyday is dark.  Yahoo published it and you can find the link below this posting.
     Tomorrow is Earth Day.  Try to do something green.

Mother Earth
An Earth Day poem by Mark E. Schrull

 Mother Earth, oh Mother Earth,
You hold my family well.
I laid them in your sweet, sweet dirt,
And bid them all farewell…

To continue reading the poem, click the link below:


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