Bad Boss or Dedicated Lawn Mower Man?

Two days ago, we had a heck of a windstorm here in Lorain County, Ohio.  Wind gusts were up to 50 MPH.  High winds caused damage to trees and structures in the area and it was reported on the local news stations weather report.  It was 4/23/2012.  Well, as some of you may have noticed, I try to do a video each day of Lake Erie.  It is called LakeErieToday.  Well, on 4/23/2012, LakeErieToday captured a guy mowing the lawn right next to Lake Erie with those high winds.  I am wondering if he was ordered to do so, or if he is just that good.  I edited the LakeErieToday video so it shows only the mowing part.  I called it Lake Erie versus Mower man.  Here is a link to the video:


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