Why Lake Erie Today?

-Sheffield Lake, Ohio
     The other day, my wife and I were out and about and we ran into someone I know (will remain un-named) who asked me, “Why LakeErieToday?”
     I started to explain to him I thought it would be interesting to put up a short 1 or 2 minute video each day of Lake Erie, taken from the same spot each day so people could see how the lake changes day-to-day, season to season.   Before I could finish explaining however, he interrupted me and continued, “Because it’s there?”  Then he laughed.
     From there he went on to explain to me all the things that were “wrong” with my videos and what would make my videos better.  His list included, but were not limited to, using a better video camera, changing my subject matter, zooming in on birds that fly by the camera, making my videos longer.  This “friend of mine” seemed to have an endless supply of suggestions.  Funny, I didn’t know he was such a video movie making expert!
     Perhaps you detect a bit of sarcasm in my view of his critique of LakeErieToday.  The truth is, I know my friend didn’t mean any harm and I should take it as a compliment that he even pays any attention to my postings of videos on Youtube.  After all, if your going to put things out there in the world, whether it is a video on Youtube, or a photograph on Facebook, or even a mural on the side of a building downtown, you have to expect opinions of your efforts, pro and con.  That is the price all artists pay no matter their genre’.
     The alternative is not putting anything out into the world and keeping it all on my computer where I can force my grand children, children, and even visiting neighbors into watching them.  Like the old days when my uncle would force us into watching slides projected on the wall of his family vacation.
     My wife said he meant well and she’s right.  That gave me the idea for this post.  I often get ideas from things she says.  She completes me that way.  Without her, I’m just wandering.
     LakeErieToday came about because my wife and I have lived along the shores of Lake Erie for more than 5 years now.  But there is more of Lake Erie in me then just those years.  If you read about me in the banner of LifeInLorain, you will know my relationship with Lake Erie growing up.  I love the shoreline and living near water.  Water calls to me.  Part of it is because looking out onto the lake through a window is like watching a movie.  It constantly changes.  It is never the same, ever.  Sometimes it changes minute by minute.  Sometimes, hour by hour.  And yes, season to season.  The Lady of the Lake is constantly re-inventing herself.
     It is that which compelled me to produce LakeErieToday.  “Video of Great Lake Erie taken from the shoreline at Sheffield Lake, Ohio, USA. The description sentence required when posting a video to Youtube.
     It is my little attempt to share Lake Erie and all her splendor and magnificence with others.  I appreciate your comments and even more I appreciate the viewers.
      Keep in mind, I do know the limits to the equipment I am working with.  I use a $40 video camera purchased at Dollar General, a noisy tripod, and Microsoft’s “Movie Maker” running on a 7-year-old machine with Windows 1941 installed properly.  —smile—  It’s a retirement budget, you know.
     Are my videos as good as most on Youtube?  Nope.  Can I keep up with the big boys using expensive cameras and high dollar editing equipment on the fastest computers?  nope.  But, as a very good friend of mine once said, “Their trying to launch the space shuttle and we’re working with the stone wheel.”
     Can my videos show people how great Lake Erie is and how she changes all the time?  I think they can.  And that’s why I do LakeErieToday.
     I hope you enjoy them.


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