The 4th of July, Bang, Bang, Boom.

Well, the mid-summer holiday has just passed us by.  I hope everyone had a great 4th.  Of course, some of my readers are in England and not great fans of The 4th of July; considering it celebrates our independence from them.  But I think they’ll get over it.

This year instead of our  usual trip to Kelly’s Island, Ohio we stayed near home.  We attended a great family cook out with ribs, brats, and burgers.  Music was playing and kids were running around all over the place.

Once in a while there was the jolt of a M-80 exploding somewhere near by, but nowhere near anyone.  Usually we leave a party like this early on in the evening before the amateur fireworks really hit full bloom.  I don’t like to be around when everyone shoots off their glocks and 357s as a grand finally.

The party was a great time.  I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th.


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