July 2012 – Hot and Dry

     Well, as July comes to a close, I keep hearing about how much more food is going to cost in the coming months because of the drought most of the country suffered through.  I guess there is nothing we can do about that except grin and bear it.
     But you know, I don’t want to remember July 2012 for any thing so negative.  I want to remember it for the sunny days and the flowers in my yard which came into full bloom.  The little flower garden in my front yard came in great!  (Granted I kept them very well watered.)
     This July kept me well.  I didn’t mind the heat as much as I used to.  Almost certainly because I don’t have to work out in the heat any more.
     Since I worked outside all of my adult life, I have a great admiration for those who still do work outside.  My postman, the men and women who work on our utility lines, landscapers, meter readers, and even my refuge collectors are always on my mind when it is hot like it has been this past month.
I have been neglecting my blog this July.  And not just my blog but my writing in general.  All of my cyber space creative endeavors have taken a back seat to my yard, my garage, and my garden. 

     I am getting back to it though.  Today I was sitting out in a quiet area of my back yard under a Rose of Sharon bush and a Cotton Wood tree which have grown together quite nicely.  It’s a quiet little place and the purple trumpet flowers are in full bloom.  I sat there watching as a bumblebee visited each flower collecting his nectar.  I thought, I really need to get into the house and start sharing some of these things with my blog. 

     And so, for a start back into my blog world, here are  a few pictures of flowers in my little garden.
     Tomorrow I will add some more.  Maybe I can get a shot of the little humming-bird which visits every day.   – Mark-


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