Goldfinch on Flower

8/9/2012 – Lorain County, Ohio
     Well, I have not had much luck catching the humming-bird on his daily visits to my garden other than the short video at the bottom.  If I am holding the camera, he sees me and takes off; and if I let it run on the tripod he doesn’t come near.
     In the mean time, while I am sitting on the porch today, a Goldfinch flies up and rests for a few moments before flying off.  I caught him for the short time he was there so I shared it with the Blog.
     Here is the video frozen in a couple of spots and stitched together.
     I posted the video on Youtube and pasted a link to the video to the right if you want to view it.
     I haven’t given up on the humming-bird.  I will keep trying to catch some video of him.


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