The Black River

The Black River Today…
8/13/2012  – I will begin my video and photo series titled BlackRiverToday, today.  The middle of August seems like a good time to start.  We are coming out of a long drought which affected not only Ohio, but most of the central potion of the United States.
     As I did with LakeErieToday, I will attempt to record a short video of the Black River each day and upload it to my Youtube channel.
     The videos will be taken in Lorain, Ohio; from the gorge overlook near the parking lot of Lorain County Metro Park – Day’s Dam.
As you can see from this photo taken  8/12/2012, the river is slow and the trees and brush are a lush green.

This will change as the second part of 2012 comes to a close.  Rain will cause the river to rise and rush, and the trees will start turning as fall approaches.  Eventually, the trees lose their leaves and if it is colder than last winter, the river will freeze.
     Some days, as time allows, I will post views from different areas along the Black River; however the shots from this vantage point will be “Home Base” so to speak.
     I will be posting the links to the videos on this page with still photographs added in as they are taken.  I hope everyone finds these time studies of the Black River interesting.


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