Our Tomato Patch – Be warned!

8-16-12 – After recording BlackRiverToday, I landed in  the back yard and sat in the shade of the HIBISCUS SYRIACUS tree. (“Rose of Sharon” in case you didn’t know.  LOL)   I could hear the “tweet-chirp-chirp” of a cardinal.  He is bright red and nesting somewhere near my tomato patch.

I tried to catch him on video when he made his appearance, but he was so quick.  I haven’t tempted him yet with a feeder;  (It almost seems like cheating when it comes to photography.)  but I have lured beautiful birds into camera range before by tempting them with treats.  Here, I caught a Cardinal at the feeder when we lived in The Lake House.
I looked over toward the tomato patch and a nice ripe Beefsteak tomato sneakily peeked back at me from behind foliage.
     Upon noticing I noticed him, he pulled back; but it was too late, I had spotted him.  There was no way I was gonna let this guy get away!
     I froze, then melded with the grass like a tiger hunting a zebra…slowly…slowly, slowly I approached the wild, red, horror.  I leapt!  Using all my cat-like steath mode.  I caught him.  The photos which follow are not for the faint of heart.  Send your children out of the room.

     There he is… caught in my vise like grip.  This is my tomato.  This is my bounty.  This is the way we roll in: Lorain County, Ohio.  Be warned!


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