Black River Today 8/22/2012

8-22-12 – Lorain, Ohio.
     Today, after shooting the regular video of the BlackRiverToday from the gorge overlook at Day’s Dam, we walked over to East 31 Street and shot some video of the river looking down from the bridge.

     The photo to the right is a still from the video looking East from the overlook area, near the parking lot in the park.

     As you can see, the river is calm and running slow at this point.  The fallen tree lodged on the river bank has still not moved and has been in each video since we started doing the BlackRiverTodays.

This photo to the left is looking South from the
East 31st Bridge.

Lastly, the photo below is looking North from the bridge.

     The full video of today’s BlackRiverToday 8-22-12 is posted on my youtube channel here:


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