The Bicycle, The Camera, and Some Duck Tape.

8/26/12 – Day’s Dam Metro Park.
     Today we decided to try something new; and perhaps a bit crazy.  Keep in mind this is a very low-budget operation.  Wanting to go deeper into The Lorain County Metro Park – Day’s Dam to shoot video of the Black River for today’s BlackRiverToday, (The video to the right.) we set the video camera on the tripod and duck taped it to the handle bars of my bicycle.  We got plenty of looks as my wife and I rode down the trail taping all the way.
     In the end, the video was not great.  It turns out handle bars are not the best place to mount a camera on a bicycle.  In my mind, I was steering straight and hardly moving the handle bars at all.  But in truth, I was apparently moving them all over the place.
     So, to pull this off with out going to the store and buying any new equipment,  we are going to try it again another time only the camera will be mounted to the frame of the bike.  Not quite sure how I am going to pull that off yet, but you can bet I will keep my costs down.
     We did however make it deeper into the park and found a place to pull over next to the river to shoot todays video.  Here is the link to today’s BlackRiverToday  
     Day’s Dam is simply beautiful.  It is loaded with wild life and very well-kept.  A definite asset to Lorain County.  At one point, we stopped our bikes along the trail at a spot you can see a few hundred yards up-stream.

     Much to my amazement, about a hundred yards away a Great Grey Heron was fishing and a White Tailed Deer had come to the river for a drink.  Can you see them both?  In this picture I blew them up a bit so you can see them.

     What a pleasant surprise!  At another spot, the river was flowing slowly enough that I caught this tree leaning over the river and being reflected like a mirror.
      This flower was strutting its stuff along a path walking down to the river.

     The day was great!  The weather was great! And the park is out there waiting for visitors.
     I will try again soon with the camera mounted on the frame of the bike and hopefully the video will be good enough to post.


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