Day’s Dam – Lorain County Metro Park

8/13/2012 – Day’s Dam, Lorain, Ohio.
     Day’s Dam is one of, if not the most beautiful park in Lorain County.  Today, with only a little time, LifeInLorain took a walk starting at the beginning of the park after producing BlackRiverToday From the East 31st Street entrance to the park we walked down the paved path to the cut off heading North/East to the “Great Giants” path.  Those familiar with the park know where I am writing about.
     A great gate greets the travelers to the paved path, all very well maintained by the Lorain County Metro Parks. 
     Next to the gate is a pavilion which can be reserved for family gatherings, reunions or any type of get together.  Along side of the pavilion is a play ground area for children, and restrooms facilities are close by.
     The paved path is pet friendly, and a posting requesting those walking dogs to clean up after their pets is just inside the gate, providing doggie bags for collecting and disposing of your pets waste.
     We walked slowly trying to catch a white-tailed deer which run the area regularly, however, it was a warm day and we didn’t jump any on our walk.
     Wild flowers grow and bloom all along the path depending on the season.  Here some beautiful white flowers entice bees and butterflies to sample their nectar.
     The side path begs the investigation.  Who wouldn’t want to sneak down this path to see what wild life can be observed or even to sneak a kiss from one’s sweet heart under cover of forest.
     Upon reaching the river, I took several pictures to represent BlackRiverToday.
     This summer has been dry.  We all know about the drought which affected most of Ohio.  The river has been affected by the lack of rain as well.  The beauty, however, which is a river flowing through a forest is still drop dead gorgeous.  Here, a fallen tree and the river reflect the sky.
     I looked across the river at this tree, thinking about the mirror image it is producing, and I have to wonder… Do the animals notice?  Does a Raccoon crawl out onto this branch and observe himself in the reflection.  Does he prepare for a date with a girl friend tonight and make sure all his bandit hairs are in place?  Maybe so, because these tracks a definitely raccoon.


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