All About the Haunted High Rise

9-21-12 – Lorain, Ohio
     Okay, about “The Haunted High Rise”  My wife, Rhonda and I were watching an episode of a haunting investigation TV series one evening and we were remarking about how stupid it seemed.  Perhaps you’ve seen some of these shows.   A couple of “bona fide” investigators, (bona fide?) were once again walking through a supposedly haunted building in the dark with little green cameras saying things like, “Did you hear that?” and “What was that?”

     Then, they place some sort of recording device on a stool where a man was murdered 200 hundred years ago.  “Who are you?” the investigator asks.  “Are you the murdered man?”  Others with ear phones hear a response. Later in the wrap up of the investigation, the “computer enhanced” version of this voice answering the questions is played so we, the listening audience can hear it for our selves.  Sometimes the voice is so hard to hear the producers of the show put lettering across the screen telling us what the voice is saying.
     Rhonda and I got to laughing about what the ghost voice might say.  “I’m hungry,  are those ranch flavored chips?”  “Got a smoke?” “or perhaps asking about a past sports championship like, “Who won Superbowl IV anyway?”
     Anyway, that’s when we decided to make a spoof on these type shows.  It took us several months and we revised it bunches of times.  We used a $40 video camera, props from around the house, and clothes we already owned.
I wrote a script for the first scene and we were on our way.  As we completed each chapter, we would discuss what would come next and I would write the script.
We had so much fun doing this we decided “The Haunted High Rise” would be the first.  We will be doing more.
     So there you have it, as promised.  We hope you enjoyed it or if you haven’t watched it yet, take a few minutes to check it out.  It’s about 6 minutes long.
You can watch the movie on youtube by clicking here:


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