Black River Today 9/22/2012

9/23/2012 – Lorain, Ohio
Yesterday, LifeInLorain, represented by my grandson Jimmy, myself, and our dog, Brutis headed into Lorain County Metro Park, Day’s Dam for a shooting of BlackRiverToday.
We departed civilization after the morning rain and planned to return before the afternoon rain which was expected.   It was a bit chilly outside, but beautiful.  We headed down the main paved path of Day’s Dam until we reached the cut off path titled, “Land of Giants“.
T’was a dark, dangerous looking path, but with Brutis for protection, we ventured quietly into its mist.  Soon the path narrowed, and the daily noise of roads and civilization were drowned and replaced by the sound of falling leaves and ranches rubbing against one another.
The path was a crooked one, bending and curving its way through the forest.  Surely only the bravest of warriors ventured here.
Jimmy bravely marched forward.  Each bend we sneakily curved around.  Brutis cocked his head, listening for signs of danger.
Birds hopped along the branches observing our every move;  perhaps even warning something ahead of our impending arrival.  Eventually, the path began to widen.
A wooden structure became visible.  It was built by previous visitors; perhaps Native Americans.  Strong and sound, the wood was a bridge to a giant tree; surrounding and protecting it.
Eventually, we made our way along a path just aside the wooden bridge, the sound of dangerous waters filled the air.
At last, we made it to the river.  A great clearing along the shoreline opened up in front of us.  We walked along the river bank and prepared to accomplish our mission, a taping of BlackRiverToday.
All was well and recorded our episode.  Geese flew above us, heading south for warmer lands.
     Jimmy and Brutis inspected the river bank,  looking for signs of past aggression.  Arrow heads and hatchets are often found along this river.

We succeeded in our efforts.  These brutal forests and wild lands were no match for us veteran reporters from LifeInLorain.
After safely returning home, we posted the 9/22/2012 episode of BlackRiverToday on my Youtube Channel.  You can watch the video of yesterday’s adventures here:


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