Garage Sale Find – Old Recipe Book

9/25/12 – Lorain, Ohio
One thing Rhonda and I love to do is visit garage sales.  This old cook book is titled, Good Things To Eat.  It was put together by the People of the Zion United Methodist Church.  I have looked completely through this recipe

From the People of Zion United Methodist Church

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book for any information on when it was put together; who was responsible for putting it together, where this church is located, or even a date or copyright information.  There is just nothing there.  When I say put together instead of published, I say this because this must have been a large project for people from this church, and must have taken many hands to put this together.  I imagine after someone(s)  collected all the recipes submitted by home cooks and chefs; typed all the pages, ran off all the copies, and made

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all the covers, they must have had a nice social get together to put them all together.  The recipes are surely passed down from great-grandmothers throughout the generations.  Who knows how far they go back up different generational trees.  Another fascinating thing about this cook book is that under each recipe is the name of the person who submitted it.  I don’t know any of the folks whose names appear on these pages, or anything about this church, but I imagine this must have been a fund-raiser.  I wonder how much they sold them for?  How many were

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sold?  How many copies are left in the world?  Which Zion Methodist Church is it?  There must be more than one, right?  Rhonda said “I should write a post on LifeInLorain about it and see if anyone knows any of these people or any information about the book itself.  Rhonda is such a smart cookie!  She’s a great baker too.  No pun intended.  It is going to take sometime to scan each page and upload them, so be patient with me.  I will try to do a little each day.  When I’m finished, the complete book with all the recipes and names will be found under Great Garage Sale Finds/Books  on my main page.  In the mean time, as I post these pages, kindly look through and leave a comment if you see anyone you know or if you know anything about the book itself.  It would be greatly appreciated and I am sure my blog readers will enjoy it as well.


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