Fall Color Report and BlackRiverToday

9/29/12 – Lorain County, Ohio
Yesterday, 9/28/2012, I headed by bicycle about 2 miles into Day’s Dam to record an episode of BlackRiverToday.  Once again I tried attaching the video camera to my bicycle, however this time I attached the tripod across the luggage rack above the back tire.  If you remember the last time I tried this, I attached the tripod to the front handle bars and the resulting video was very jerky.

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Strapping it across the luggage rack worked out better as far as the video goes, and it certainly looked a lot better; but the audio was loud and noisy.  The vibrations from the tires on the road and the shifting of the bike gears were picked up by the camera microphone and I had to reduce the volume when I put the clip together in MS Movie Maker.  The next time I try this I will wrap the back-end of the tripod in a towel or foam rubber and try to reduce the transfer of sound to the camera.  Once perfected, I intend to travel and record many park trails by bicycle.

As you might expect, the color of the trees are starting to change.  However, for the most part, it is still early and green is the prominent color of the forest.

The spot I selected for BlackRiverToday was maybe about three or four hundred yards north of where the small bridge crosses the river on a little trail which heads off to the east.  Below is a picture of the bridge.

If you cross the bridge heading south, and before you get below the Detroit Ave bridge, a beautiful swamp lies along side the trail.  Who ever heard of a swamp being beautiful?  Well this one was.  With leaves decorating the swamp and the sun light poking through the trees, beautiful shades of green reveal themselves.

Here are a few stills from BlackRiverToday.

It was a gorgeous day.  To view the video of BlackRiverToday click here:



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