Power back up, computer back on-line.

11/4/2012 – Lorain, Ohio.

Sorry for the absence but hurricane Sandy took out our power here on Monday, Oct. 29th, around 9:00 PM.  We went 4 nights without power or heat and an almost steady rain.  I had to move my computer to keep it safe.  We cooked on a camp stove I had in the garage and used a lantern and candles to see at night.

Still, I can’t complain.  Not when so many people lost everything they had and even worse, some lost their lives or a member of their family.  What’s 4 days without power compared to that.  Nothing.  Simply nothing.

With so much damage and devastation caused by this storm, and all the reports on TV and the web appearing, there is no point in reporting the relatively minor flooding and damage near where I live.

My deepest condolences to those who lost so much.  Please remember them in your prayers.  Please support the relief efforts under way to help those who lost so much.  Below are the links to the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross.





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