Ohio, the Election is Over, Thankfully!

11/07/12 – Lorain –

Ohio, the election is finally over and  I am glad.  It is not because I hate elections;  I am an American and believe in elections and democracy and usually enjoy following the issues and the candidates.  This election, however, was different.  I don’t ever remember a past election with as much mudslinging as there was in this one.  On every commercial break, on every radio commercial, and even on most of my favorite  internet web sites there was someone calling his or her opponent a bum.  I have never seen anything like it in my 52 years on this planet.

Millions, probably billions of dollars were invested in this election by all sides and I swear it seemed like 9 out of every 10 dollars spent went to tearing the other guy down and making the other guy look bad instead of educating us on what each of their positions were on any particular issue respectively.  And as if the presidential level mudslinging was an example of how to win an election, state level candidates and even some local ones adopted this strategy.  By the time November 6th, 2012 rolled around I was so confused on what most of the candidates stood for I didn’t know which way to vote.

Apparently living in Ohio meant you’ll have to endure negativity and mudslinging at every turn this election season.

My congratulations to all the winners from yesterday’s election.  And congratulations to all those who volunteered for a cause they believed in and got it passed.  And to those who didn’t win, remember you really are a winner because you took part in democracy and the American way.  This is still the greatest country in the world and “by the people for the people”,  and free elections is still the best form of government.

I just wish if something isn’t true, they aren’t allowed to put it in a commercial advertisement.  But then I guess that would force the “Truth Meter” folks out of business and people would call me a job killer.


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