5 Days Til Thanksgiving

11/17/2012 – Saturday, 5 Days til Thanksgiving Day.  I start the day with a walk.  Day’s Dam is showing its seasonal dress and pine cones are falling from the trees.  The little pine village near the parking lot knows the time of year.

Brutus, my ever fateful companion and star of the hit TV series, “Looking for Mister Big Foot” –  drags me along the paved path toward the cattail, blooming in the wet area just south of the  walking path.  How beautiful it is.  Tiny sparrows and wrens jump from golden rod to cat tail, disturbing the field ever so lightly, causing them to release their cottony seeds.  A slow wind grabs them and gently brings them in front of me like the first snow of the season.  They do not rush by me.  They float past like each is being carried carefully by a fairy.  Nature notices me as much as I her.

I took some photographs and some short video, trying to capture the spectacle, but I feel the beauty can not be recorded.  The breeze was easy, as if an angel whispered.  Perhaps one did.

Brutis shook his head, making the little metal tags on his collar ring.  His way of saying, “Lets continue.”   We followed the path around to the familiar gorge overlook. Many of the BlackRiverTodays were recorded there.  While video recording today’s segment, a Blue Jay flies across.

Looking north, the retired pillar to the old East 31st bridge is standing tall and proud, no longer camouflaged by leaves and green. Deep in the woods, I can make out its brethren, 2 smaller pillars now visible, but unnoticed earlier this year.  I will have to hike to them for inspection in days ahead.

Today, it is near 50 degrees.  Tomorrow is expected to be a little warmer.  Get outside if you can. Click on any image to enlarge.


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