2 Days is Thanksgiving

11/20/12 – Lorain, Ohio

In 2 days it is Thanksgiving day and mild weather has apparently descended upon us.  Yesterday was no different.  While on our walk, Brutis decided to act like, Houdini, and got away from me as I was picking up after him.   Under an ominous  sky – Brutis bolted up the walkway heading to the entrance of what must be his amusement park.

“Brutis! Stop!” I yelled.   But it was no use, he had stretched beyond his normal leash length and knew he was free from me.

Ha ha ha, Brutis was thinking,  I am loose!  At a full-blown run he looked back at me like I am a child with enough energy to chase him.

Lucky for me, 2 very nice young people were jogging toward us and had seen Brutis’ trick of me unfold.  All ended well as a young lady snagged his leash and gave him back to me.  I wasn’t too hard on him.  He likes to hunt turkey this time of year.

Next, Brutis and I went to the overlook. I took some additional pictures of the East 31st Bridge from that angle and more pictures of the abandoned pillars.  I don’t know why the 2 newly discovered, “old” bridge pillars fascinate me so much.  Perhaps it’s the fact I have recently discovered them.  Someday I hope to have time to check old news papers at the library, perhaps even find a photo of the old bridge before it was torn down.  But for now, preparations for the great feast are under way.

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You can find out more about Houdini here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Houdini


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