Happy Thanksgiving 2012

11/22/12 – Lorain, Ohio –

It was a beautiful sunrise this Thanksgiving Day morning over Lorain County, Ohio.  A beautiful day, it is supposed to be 62 degrees by 2:00 PM.

We rose at 5:Am and started preparing the stuffing for the 23 pound turkey.  My wife makes what she calls her Hillbilly Stuffing!

She starts by toasting bread, and then tearing them up into small pieces.

Then she adds chopped celery and onion, sage and poultry seasoning.


She then added about 2 dozen hard boiled eggs.


After that, she mixes it all together well, and pours turkey broth which was cooled over the mixture.   The broth was made from boiling the turkey neck and giblets.

The turkey was then stuffed and put into the oven.  It has been in about an hour.  The books call for a 325 degree oven, and to cook for 15 minutes for each pound of meat.  I rubbed soft butter on the outside of the bird, and salted and peppered it moderately.

So there the bird is, stuffed and in the oven.  The Schrull family hopes everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving day, and a great meal.  If you are traveling we hope you get where you are going safely.

I am thankful for my health, and the health of my family; for the floor under our feet and the roof over our heads.  I am thankful for the people we will enjoy this fine bird with today, and for the food before us.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!


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