Christmas Post Day 5 12/5/2012

by Mark Schrull

12/5/12 Lorain, Ohio – It is 20 more days til Christmas and The Christmas Spirit is flowing through me quite vividly now.  I have many things to do but somehow, I am looking forward to them.

Our Christmas Tree 2This is post 5 of
The Christmas Post Project, our tree.

My wife and I bought this tree the first year we were together.  This is a photo of our tree, inside a blurred photo of our tree, inside a blurred, then mirrored and stitched picture of our tree lights.

Here are the 2 outside photos which now make boarders for the final piece.

As always, click on any photo to enlarge.

up downThis is an easy way to make your own personal Christmas card, Christmas party invitations, or any use at all.

The blurred lighting effect is done by moving the camera while taking the shot. (Do not use the sports setting.)  The soft effect is made by using manual focus and intentionally blurring the image with the lens.

Merry Christmas!
About The Christmas Post Project here:

If you want to learn more about Christmas Trees and the tradition behind them, I found this article in Wikipedia useful:


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