Christmas Post Day 6 12/6/2012

by Mark Schrull

12/6/12 Lorain, Ohio – It wouldn’t seem much like Christmas in our house if we didn’t have our main Nativity scene on display.  My brother, Mike, made the Nativitybuilding on November 27th, 1991.  The ceramic figures in the Nativity scene belonged to my brother, Jack. We lost Jack to cancer in 1995.

This is post 6 of The Christmas Post Project.
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Merry Christmas!

While taking the photographs of the Nativity, I was concentrating hard on trying to get a good sharp picture.  My camera has been giving me a bitNativity 2 of trouble as of late with the auto-focus.

While I was fooling around with the camera; zooming in here and there, trying to get it to focus, it turned out I wasn’t paying much attention to things surrounding the nativity scene.  I wanted the visitors Nativity 3to LifeInLorain to see just how attractive and precious our Nativity scene is.

After taking the shots I ran upstairs to my computer to down load the memory card and look over the photos.  That’s when I busted out laughing and called out to my wife, “Come up here.  You got to see this.”
It turns out I didn’t notice Grandma…  Well, I’ll let you see for yourself –
Notice anything strange about this picture:
Nativity 4…Grandma left her teeth next to the Nativity.   🙂

We laughed so hard and thought it was so funny that I didn’t see the teeth sitting there while I was taking the pictures,  I decided to make a short Christmas video of the Nativity and Grandma’s teeth together.  Oh the possibilities!  Right away all of those funny Christmas songs came streaming into my mind:
Grandma got run over by a Rain Deer.
All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth.  
Or perhaps even:
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.  Which song shall I use for my video.

In the end, I decided on Silent Night, and created a short Christmas video
titled, An Old Fashion Christmas.  Silent Night was a good choice because the copyrights have long since run out on that carol.  If you’d like to see the video, the link is here:
OFC Thumb

Or click on my YouTube channel and check
out some of my other videos.

My YouTube channel is here:

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