Christmas Post Day 9 12/9/2012

by Mark Schrull

12/9/12 Lorain, Ohio – This morning for The Christmas Post I got a little creative.  Candles!  Beautiful Christmas candles can be found everywhere one looks.  A person can even get fake candles:  Fat, light up Noel candles on each side of the porch.  Little electric candles in each window of the house.  Even tiny electric candles for your Christmas tree; if that is your thing.

This Christmas Post is about real candles.  Please be careful and safe if you burn candles in your home.

This is Post 9 of The Christmas Post Project. Merry Christmas!
Christmas Candles CR

About The Christmas Post Project here:

Now a little about photography and the photograph above.  Other than adding my copyright, this photograph is untouched.  It is exactly the way it was uploaded from the data card in the camera.   No retouching, adjusting tint, darkening, or any photo software edits what so ever.  This is simply the camera and the eye.  Suitable for the front of a Christmas card – don’t you think?

The neatest thing about digital cameras is we don’t have to buy film and pay DSCF6587for processing.  That fact alone enables us to take as many pictures of a subject matter as we care to.  From other angles this little set of four pine cone candle 3candles is just a snap shot.  Look at some of these I took this morning.

If I experiment with the angle from which I take the shot,  I can get different effects.  By lowering my tripod to an angle where DSCF6601the camera is “Eye” level with the subject, the lights in the background become blurred and a nice shot is obtained.

One doesn’t have to be a wizard with photo editing software to take good photographs;  you can succeed by staying creative and forward thinking on the camera end.   If I don’t like some of the shots I took when I’m viewing my images, I have found the delete button on my computer comes in pretty handy.

I hope you enjoyed post 9 of The Christmas Post Project.  Stay creative!


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