LifeInLorain -Some static pages updated 12/30/12

12/30/12 Lorain, Ohio – Well, Christmas this year is behind us and the New Year looms ahead of us.  It was a wonderful Christmas for myself and my family this year.  I hope yours was great too.

The Christmas Post Project is finished and I think it was a success. I enjoyed doing  it.  (About the project here: ) It was a challenge committing to a post everyday for 25 days.  Some of my fellow bloggers have committed to a post everyday, or a picture everyday for 365 days in a row.  Some bloggers out there even had a post everyday for more than a whole year and continue to post each day.  My hat is off to them.  It is quite an accomplishment and a big commitment.  I will have to get a smart phone before I try anything like that.

Since the Christmas Post Project ended, these last few days gave me time to work on the appearance and menu pages of LifeInLorain.   If you look around the main menu, you will see I have changed some things.  I updated the about page, some of my blog visitors are from outside the USA so I placed a map showing where LifeInLorain originates from geographically.

I also updated my bio page, adding some links to my work and I re-arranged the menu bar a bit, adding the photography page with sub-pages under it as well as a poetry page.  I will continue to work on the general appearance of the blog as time allows.  I will be adding another menu category and some more sub pages.  As I am a freshman blogger, sometimes it takes me more time to manipulate the appearance of LifeInLorain then it does to add content.

Thanks for visiting and stop back again when you get the chance.  I’d love to hear some of your comments.  I try to keep things fresh and new.



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