Happy New Year – Day 1

by Mark Schrull

1/1/2013 Lorain, Ohio – Well, 2013 is here.  Many of us have new year Fireworksresolutions which we are embarking upon.  In years past I have resolved to quit smoking, but I still smoke.  One year I was going to lose weight by never eating again after 6 pm.  I still snack at night.  The list of my failed resolutions is long.

This year, I am approaching things differently.  I have not made a new years resolution.  Instead I have decided I am just going to try.  This year I have a list.

  1. Try to write every day.
  2. Be positive in all my endeavors.
  3. Be kinder, gentler and more understanding.
  4. Thank God for all my blessings each day.
  5. Try not to gossip.
  6. Take more photographs.
  7. Be more creative.
  8. Love deeper.
  9. Worry less.
  10. Try to be a better person.

These are the things I will work on this year.  I have written them down, printed them out, and will hang them on the wall where I dress and try to read them each day.  Hopefully the list will serve me well and 2013 will be a great year.

Good luck with any new year resolution you may have.  Oh, and Happy New Year!


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