The flying boat.

by Mark Schrull

1/2/13 Lorain, Ohio – The holidays are over and it is cold outside in Northern Ohio.  We have about 6 inches of snow on the ground.  It was 17 degrees F when I  got up this morning at 6.  😦

I remember right before Christmas thinking I wish it would snow soon.  Now that it has am I am tired of scraping my car windows in the morning and taking baby steps around town so I don’t fall and break something.  As fickle as it is, on the second of January I am suddenly wishing for summer.

Thoughts of summer make me think of summer along Lake Erie, which in turn make me think about some of the incredible things ones sees when living along a great body of water.  One day, while enjoying a summer day, along came the flying boat.

Now keep in mind when you tell someone while you were sitting along the lake bank and some guy came along in a boat that flies people tend to look at you kind of weird.  I knew this would be the case so when I saw this thing coming, I ran for my camera.  Below are the pictures I took that summer of the flying boat.

flying boat 1flying boat 2flying boat 3flying boat 4flying boat 5flying boat 6flying boat 7


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