Where are the Deer to Go?

by Mark Schrull

1/4/2012 Avon Lake, Ohio – Across the United States, many communities are white tail deer 2dealing with an over population of deer.  One only needs to consult a search engine and type in “Deer Over Population” to return millions of hits.

Avon Lake, Ohio is one such community wrestling with what some citizens say is an over population of white tail deerwhite-tailed deer in their community.  City leaders have been holding public meetings through 2012 which would allow hunting within city limits in an effort to reduce the number of deer.  You can see the latest draft of the proposal here: http://www.avonlake.org/images/departments/council/T10087.pdf

Christmas Deer CROpposition to this idea is formidable and a web-site was started,  and has been maintained, which points out what many feel are flaws in allowing hunting within the city.  Many dispute the over population to begin with.  You can
view this website here: www.avonlakedeer.com

As development continues in our cities, and deer and other wildlife habitat is eliminated in favor of sub-divisions, streets and roads, it begs the question:
Where are the deer to go?
deer after forest clearing
The picture above captures deer along the edge of a wood which was just cleared to make way for development.  Click on any picture to enlarge.


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