The Dog with Glowing Green Eyes

by Mark Schrull

1/11/13 Lorain, Ohio – I slept in.  It was a rainy, damp day.  The kind which makes you want to curl up with a good book near a window. Reading was just the ticket.  I’ve been wanting to read The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.  I was preparing my spot, coffee cup filled, ash tray at the ready, (yes I know) a blanket, and a sweet treat I have had hidden for days on the highest shelf in the kitchen.  It was a good day for ducks, and I had all mine in a row.

But suddenly, just as I was cracking open the front cover, I looked over at our  Brutis CRdog Brutis.  Green glowing eyes pierced my brain and I was locked in his dead pan stare.  I thought, No Brutis, no. It’s too rainy for a walk.  But he wouldn’t let up.  The eerie green light intensified and began needling my brain.  In moments I was all his.  His strange powers over me had me waiting for his command.  Get the leash.  Get your shoes.  I closed the cover and set the book aside.

Brutis knew he had me. He was almost smiling as I put my shoes on.  I looked at him and said, “I suppose I should take the umbrella.”  You won’t need it – his  eyes radioed to my mind.

Unseasonably warm, the temperature was heading for the high 50s, but with rain most of the day.  All of the snow has melted except for the piles left by snow plows, and the dark sides of hills.  We were just set to start into the park when it suddenly quit raining and the sun came out.  I looked down at Brutis and he raised an eyebrow back at me.

river 1We stopped by the Gorge Overlook at Day’s Dam to see how high The Black River was.  With the morning rain, and the snow melt, it was moving along pretty well.

A nest in a leaf-less tree held a spot in the crook of the main trunk.  Probably a squirrel’s nest, it was easily spotted and Brutis put up with me taking a 2

Being ever the gentleman, Brutis introduced himself to a couple of twin sisters.  After the usual Boston Terrierspleasantries, he was ready to go again.

brutis meets friends

Looking to the west, dark low clouds were threatening to block out the sun again.  It was time for Brutis and I to head home.
storm front

storm 4

“Do you think I can get some reading in when we get back?” I asked him.  In my mind he answered. – After you feed me.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!