The Possession of My Master

by Mark Schrull

Fiction – 1/28/2013 Lorain, Ohio – It was snowing out, and he didn’t feel like getting up from in front of his computer and letting me out.

I tried all the usual methods to get him up.  I dropped my raw hide at his feet.  I sat next to his office chair so he couldn’t roll with out noticing me.  (He hates that.)  I stood on my hide legs and pawed at him ever so cutely but he wouldn’t bite.  It was time to invoke the old ways.

A simple placement of french onion soup in his mind got him moving.  This would take us past the front door where surely he’d let me out.

It was not to be.  My plan backfired.  My mind projection must have been too strong.  He walked right past the door and began making french onion soup.  Before I knew it, he was chopping onions and melting butter.  He had a full blown project going in the kitchen.  This was going to be tougher then I thought.

Lucky for me the Master is a quick cook.  After caramelizing 2 onions in butter, he mixed in a pack of instant onion soup mix and water.  The soup was ready in moments.

Brutis Spoon CR1Into crock mugs the soup he put, adding croutons and a slice of cheese.  Under the broiler for only a few seconds, out the soup came.  He plated it  and I saw my second chance.  I projected my image onto his spoon.

Without hesitation, and after he looked at his creation, the Master let me outside.  The old ways are so effective on humans.

The End

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2 responses to “The Possession of My Master

  1. He he he. I bet .

  2. I think I’ll try your French Onion Soup. Sounds easy (my kind of recipe) and good on our cold (when it gets down in the 60’s) winter nights here in Alabama.