Snow Storm Pictures From the Park

by Mark Schrull

2/4/2013 10:22 AM Lorain, Ohio – Today is the 4th of February two days after Lorain County took on 6 inches of snow.  Currently it is snowing light but steady.  Winds are calm to 7 MPH out of the South East.  Barometer is 30 and increasing.  Temp is 18 F.

During the heavy snow fall 2 days ago, (2/2/2013) Brutis and I decided to walk into the park and take some shots.  Day’s Dam is such a beautiful metro park. I love being outside in a snow storm.  There is a phenomenon which takes place during heavy snow fall that I have come to appreciate over the years.  The world gets quieter.  I am not a scientist, but I believe this happens because  the large snow flakes absorb and muffle the sounds.  Sounds like traffic from a near by street, or an airplane flying in the distant sky are quieter, and sometimes silenced.  The air seems so much fresher and cleaner too.  The whole experience has a calming effect on me.  It makes me feel closer to nature and God’s world.

What follows are some pictures from our walk in the park during the snow storm.

From within the pines near the parking lot off of E 31st Street:
Pines3 CRPines2 CRPines7 CRPines6 CRPines5 CRPines1 CRPines4 CR
A Lonely Playground:
Lonely Playground CR
The Black River:
Icy River7 CRIcy River3 CRIcy River2 CR
A home awaits spring and a family:
BirdHouse1 CR
Auto focus focuses on the snow flakes:
Autofocus Snow Flake CR
Brutis in the snow:
Brutis1 CRBrutis2 CRBrutis3 CR


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