The Dog and the Pet Store

by Mark Schrull

2/8/2013 Lorain, Ohio – Ground hog day is past and across the area ground hogs everywhere did not see their shadows.  Brutis knew this having observed Glowiing Greenone in the park across the street come out of its den.  “He didn’t see his shadow,” Brutis beamed at me with his strange new powers.  “Its time to get my coat trimmed.

“Are you sure you want to do that already?” I asked. “There is still a lot of cold weather left.”

Yes,” Brutis beamed back.  “Now get on your new smart phone and make me an appointment at the barbers.”

It is hard to resist him when he gets so commanding.  I picked up the phone and immediately got him an appointment at Pet Co in Avon, Ohio.

Yesterday, off we went.  A helpful young lady greeted us at the counter and  I Pet Store 8lifted Brutis up there.  The lady seemed to know who Brutis was even before I said anything.

“So this is Brutis,” she said with a smile. “What a handsome fellow.”

I had no idea how she knew who we were.  I hadn’t even given her Brutis’ credentials yet.  It was like she just knew.  She explained they were going to give Brutis a bath, trim his nails, and cut his hair.  It would be about an hour before he was finished.

I had some running around to do while they attended to Brutis so I took care of that while they got him started.  When I came back he was up on the trim table getting his hair cut.

Brutis Trim 1Hair Cut 1

It was going to be a little while before he was finished so I had a look around the store at the various creatures waiting for a permanent home.  Most of them were as curious of me as I was of them.

Pet Store 15Pet Store 3Pet Store 6

I really like this pet store.  They keep the animal cages neat and clean and all the creatures seem to be in good health.

It doesn’t smell either, like some other pet stores I have been to.

Pet Store 2


In fact it doesn’t smell at all.

Pet Store 11Pet Store 10Pet Store 14Pet Store 12Pet Store 7Pet Store 5Pet Store 4Pet Store 1

And here is Brutis sporting his new look!

Brutis 6

As always, click on any picture to Enlarge.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Stay creative!


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