Brutis and His Glowing Green Ideas

Bruti1 CRby Mark Schrull

2/19/2013 Lorain, Ohio – A rainy, dreary Tuesday in Lorain and Brutis appreciates his view from inside rather than out.

He’s been in deep thought this morning,  scurrying back and forth from his desk to the window, desk to the window.

Ever trying to document Brutis’ hidden powers, I sneakily enter the living room with my camera.  Being so quiet not even a mouse would hear, I tiptoed up behind and raised my camera.Bruti2 CR

My efforts were for naught.  Brutis stared at me in his usual commanding way, his thoughts penetrating my defenses.

I tried to shake it off, thinking perhaps I haven’t had enough coffee this morning.

That’s what it is.  I need more coffee.  A can of cola maybe.  Some form of caffeine withdraw.  That must be it.

The sudden idea of a bird feeder pops into my head.  Build a bird feeder and wild birds will come.  Right outside this window.Brutis3 CR

Something simple so Brutis may observe their beauty close up.

Wait!  This is my idea.  Isn’t it?

 Is he using telepathy on me?  Brutis can’t place obscure thoughts into my mind.

He changes positions to the arm of the chair.  I point my camera and shoot.  Luck was with me and I caught him with is glow on…

Brutis, is at it again and I am off to the garage to build a wild bird feeder.  Details forth coming.

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2 responses to “Brutis and His Glowing Green Ideas

  1. Brutis will love it. Beware- squirrels at the feeder may result in loud barking!