Brutis Kills a Spider

by Mark Schrull

2/22/2013 Lorain, Ohio – It was a cold morning with an icy rain hitting the window.  I woke early and headed down stairs.  The noise from the coffee grinder woke Brutis and he walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Brutis,” I said.  He wagged his tail just a bit.

In the family room I turned on Good Morning Cleveland.  The aroma of coffee started  smelling up the house so I fetched a cup and returned to my recliner.

Spots1 CRBrutis was following along when suddenly he started growling.  He jerked backwards and stared down at the floor.

He had obviously spotted something he didn’t like.

I looked around at the floor and saw what it was.

A huge, black, hairy spider was crawling across the floor towards me, its mandibles clicking.

Spider1“Oh crap!’ I yelled.  “It’s a spider!”  I spilled hot coffee on myself and nearly flipped the recliner as I scrabbled to get out of the sinister bloodsuckers’ path.

It had eight hairy legs and a glowing green eyes.

Brutis stepped between me and the horrible beast, growling at the wicked intruder.

Spots3 CRI grabbed my camera and documented the battle which ensued…

Brutis glared down at the spider, showing his teeth and declaring war.

The spider was speedy.  He turned as if having no fear and began advancingSpider13 toward my great protector.

Brutis showed no fear.  I saw the tell-tale glow of his power.  Before I knew it, Brutis’ eyes started to glow an eerie green light.  No longer growling, his seemed to be concentrating hard on the spider.

The hairy beast stopped dead in his tracks.  In fact he started to withdraw Spots2 CRbackwards as Brutis’ eyes glowed brighter and brighter.

The spider knew it had met its match.

Frozen like he’d been sprayed with a can of spider killer, the flesh eater’s eyes started to change color.  His eyes were no longer Spider22green.  They started turning an orange glaze.

I don’t know where Brutis gets his power from.  I was thinking it was all in my mind up until this morning.

I simply thought Brutis and I were on the same wave length.  I thought that is how he is able to let me know things like he wants to go outside.   Today I learned just how powerful he has become.

Spots4 CRBrutis leaned back and his glowing eyes glistened like emeralds.

Time seemed to stand still for a moment and the room got very quiet.  The spider still in a trance made not a move and only sat there.

Then, as I watched in disbelief, Brutis shot ray’s of green out at the spider.

Spots5 CR

The spider started changing.  First just his eyes and then his legs and main body.

Spots6 CRBrutis was disintegrating him before my very eyes.  The Spider’s body slowly turned bloody and disappeared.  These are the pictures I took to show what happened.

It may be time to send the young children out of the room.  These following pictures are a little gruesome.

Abby Spider4Abby Spider5Abby Spider6Abby Spider7Abby Spider8Abby Spider9Abby Spider10

And then there was nothing left.  Only a small stain where the spider once was.

Brutis is a special dog!


The End

To see the video of Brutis killing the spider on YouTube click here:

Brutis Kills A Spider

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