The Dog in the Tree

by Mark Schrull

2/26/2013 Lorain, Ohio – I must report the events of yesterday.  The sun was shinning for the first time in days.  Rhonda and I decided it was way too nice of a day too remain inside.    I took photos of the sunrise that morning and posted them to the Blog.

We left Brutis home.  He wasn’t too happy about that and started pouting as soon as he realized he wasn’t going.  We were going to have lunch and then check out a car which is for sale I’ve had my eye on but the sun felt so good we decided instead of an inside lunch, we’d get a sandwich and eat it in a park.

Trail Map 1There is a walking trail behind The French Creek Nature Center at 4530 Colorado Ave in Sheffield.

(The map to the left shows the location It will enlarge if you click on it. )

We entered the path at the Trail Map which is on the West side of the parking lot.  Still February, there is not a lot of green and growing yet, but it is a very nice trail which goes into the woods behind the nature center and follows French Creek.  We started at point A in the map below, then went to point B, C, and so on and so forth until we saw, unbelievably… well, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Trail Map 3 The first thing we came upon of interest was the remains of a bridge from long ago.  You can see the pillar here, and in the woods across the creek.  One can imagine what this old bridge must have looked like.

bridge c

Below are several photos of the creek we took along our walk.

creek 6

creek 5 creek 3 creek 1

At point D along the trail we came to a steel bridge.

DSCF7402 new bridge 3

Along the other side of the bridge, a little ways down the trail at point E,  we came to an observation deck.

observation deck


After we left the deck, my wife spotted this interesting tree bark.

tree bark 2 tree bark 1

Then Rhonda noticed a hole in a large tree off the trail.  I took a picture of the hole.

hole in tree 1

At first, it seemed like just a hole in the tree.  Like any hole in the trunk of a tree you’d find in the woods.  But then I thought I saw something moving.  I steadily zoomed in on the hole.  There was something moving!

Brutis in Hole 2Brutis in Hole 3

It was Brutis, The Dog With the Glowing Green Eyes.  His powers are becoming incredible.  He projected his image into the tree so we’d feel bad we left him behind.  It’s hard to hide things from Brutis.

The End 

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