Sunrise 3-4-2013 and A Metro Park Bird Walk

by Mark Schrull

3/4/2013 Lorain Ohio – It was a cold crisp morning with clear skies.  This was the sunrise this morning over Lorain County.

Sunrise 3-4-2013 1

Yesterday morning, Rhonda and I attended a water fowl bird walk at
Sandy Ridge Reservation – Part of the Lorain County Metro Park system.

Park manager and naturalist, Tim Fairweather,  led the walk and was very knowledgeable about all the bird species and behaviors.  The park is located at
6195 Otten Road in North Ridgeville Ohio.  (440) 327-3626.

It was cold and snowing, Snowing CR 1giving the wetlands an almost mystical feel.
Being early March and still winter, the area is just beginning to show signs of spring.

eagle nestA Bald Eagle’s nest was observed from a distance.  With binoculars we could see the mother eagle’s head and beak barely sticking out above the nest.  Eagle nests are huge.  This photo shows the nest from several hundred yards away.

A Red Bellied Woodpecker scurried around an oldWoodpecker CR 2 dead tree hunting for a meal.  I thought at first sight it was a redheaded woodpecker; but our guide explained a redheaded woodpecker has more of a head hood then this bird.

Wood Pecker CR

 SUNP0003 004A pair of swans and ducks didn’t seem to mind a bit that our group was passing by.  The ducks seemed content on staying warm while the swans seemed interested in what we were up to.

SUNP0003 006

The walk was splendid.  It was cold yes, but the air was fresh and clean.

An engineered path way through the wet lands and small lakes gives you the sense of being on water, almost as if you were in a canoe or small row-boat with water on both sides.  In the picture below you can see the walkway our group traversed.

SUNP0003 001

Our guide brought along a very fine telescope on a tripod which he let everyone look through.

Here are some other pictures from our walk.

Wet Lands CR 1

Frozen Waters CR 1

Dead Tree CR 1

This is a very beautiful metro park and we will be visiting it again as spring comes along.  Take your binoculars or a camera when you visit, you’ll be glad you did.  Thanks again to our guide, Tim Fairweather.  He really knows this park well.

Rhonda 1

My wife, partner and friend, Rhonda.

She is the better half of LifeInLorain.

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For more information on Sandy Ridge Reservation or the
Lorain County Metro Park System, click the link below.


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    Interesting post.l hope you enjoyed the day.Lovely pictures.Reminded me of my years in Chicago.Thank you for liking my post ( Happy are those ) Greetings.jalal

  2. LOVE THIS! I am moving back in June and will definitely go here!