Brutis and the Deer

by Mark Schrull

3/9/2013 Lorain Ohio – It was a chilly, cloudy morning.  Brutis and I were comfortably reading our books.  As I sipped on my coffee, I noticed Brutis was no longer reading, something had peaked his interest out the window.
Brutis Reading CRIt was a deer in the park across the street.  At first, Brutis just watched.  But soon he cast his book aside and climbed up into the chair by the window.
Brutis spots Deer CR

The doe kept to her grazing, unaware of Brutis’ interest.  Brutis stood up, intensely staring. What was happening? Brutis has seen deer before.

Brutis standingStill, the deer grazed.  Did she know Brutis was staring?  Was she taunting him?  Brutis’ ears started to twitch and stop, twitch and stop.

With Brutis’ back to me, I couldn’t see his eyes, but a familiar color started to reflect in the window.  The doe was startled.

Green Reflection CR

She immediately noticed Brutis…

Deer Spots Brutis CR

…and went back to the safety of the forest.

Deer Leaves CR

I have no idea what Brutis communicated to her.  Was he worried for her, sending her a message to go back to safety?  Was he offended by her for standing him up at a previous engagement?  I have no idea and Brutis wasn’t saying.  And we all know by now if he’d wanted me to know he’d have told me.

The End

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A video of Brutis using his special powers to kill a huge, horrible spider can be viewed on YouTube here:

You won’t believe your eyes!


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