Just a Blog House Keeping Post

by Mark Schrull

3/23/2013 Lorain Ohio –  By blog house keepinglikeable-blog-500-1x  I mean I have updated some of the pages and moved around a few things at LifeInLorain.  Also I wanted to record the blog is growing.

  • 2659 total views.
  • 505 likes by other bloggers and visitors.
  • 139 posts. (Including this one.)
  • 58 regular followers. (Does not include social media)
  • Celebrated 1 year anniversary – March 9th

Ohio weather added to the main menu bar.  I have posted so many photos and reported so much about our weather here in Lorain County that I created a new area for the posts on the main menu bar – “OHIO WEATHER”.

The “Mark E. Schrull” page has been moved to the bottom of the “ABOUT’ page on the main menu bar.

The about page has been updated and changed a bit.

More changes will be coming in the weeks to come.  A Big thank you  to everyone who visits and has visited LifeInLorain.  


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