Music Festival of Lorain County Ohio Middle Schools

by Mark Schrull

4/11/2013 LaGrange, Ohio – Yesterday evening, my wife Rhonda and I traveled to Keystone High School, in South Eastern Lorain County, Ohio to enjoy the Annual Lorain County Middle School Honors Choir and Band Festival concert.
Choir 1A

 My Granddaughter,  Alexandria Moore, who is an up and coming singer/song writer, Alex 2Aparticipated in the concert.

Understand this wasn’t just the average school musical concert which so many of us enjoy throughout the year.  This was the  best of the best from each middle school.  Each group from each school practiced the musical pieces in their own schools, perfecting each piece until the time came to join together with other honor students from around the county for this concert.

The guest choir director was Frank Bianchi – from Baldwin – Wallace Men’s Chorus.

The guest band director was Brain Griebel – Retired Director of Instrumental Music, Lakewood Harding Middle School.

The choir performed:

  1. Sing Alleiulia, Clap Your Hands          –  Sally K. Albrecht
  2. Like an Eagle                                                – Carl Stronmen
  3. Stodola Pumpa                                           – Mark Weston
  4. Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel            – Roger Emerson
  5. Dansi Na Kuimba                                      – Dave & Jean Perry

The band performed:

  1. Fanfare Esprit                                            – Douglas Court
  2. Echoes of the Civil War                         – Arr. by Mark Williams
  3. Storm Chaser                                             – Arr. by David Marlatt
  4. Music from the Hunger Games          – Arr. by Michael Brown
  5. Kaboom!                                                      – By Rob Romeyn

Congratulations to all the singers and musicians who preformed last night.  You music was wonderful, and as good, if not better than any professional concert I have been to.

I must apologize now for the low quality of the audio in the attached link.  I used my newly purchased android smart phone to record this song and discovered the audio capabilities of my phone are not great.     Here is a YouTube link to one of the songs performed by the choir last night:

More on Alexandria Moore:  This young singer/song writer is definitely making her mark in Lorain County’s music arena.  Here is a YouTube link to the Clear-view High School Talent Show which took place on  March 3rd 2012 which Alex sings a solo:

Here is a YouTube link to the Durling Middle School Christmas Concert which took place December 18th, 2012.  Alexandria sings a duet with
Samual Hitchens at this concert.

Only in the 7th grade, Alexandria’s talent is astounding.  Her voice and musical aptitude is high-end.  She is currently writing music and recording her first album.




2 responses to “Music Festival of Lorain County Ohio Middle Schools

  1. Mark, you should bring Alex down to the Charleston Coffee House for the next spoken word event. Every month, it attracts at least one new singer we haven’t seen before, including a woman who just walked in off the street and sang a beautiful song because she could! She listened to the Latin Jazz players for a bit, talked to them about what kind of beat she was looking for, and they jammed. It was magical! Oye Mi Voz also draws many families, so the audience is all ages.