Sunrise 4-14-2013 Lorain County Ohio USA

by Mark Schrull

4/14/2013 Lorain, Ohio – It’s up there.  I know we haven’t seen much of it lately but you’re just going to have to take my word for it.  It’s up there.  I caught it trying to bust through this morning.  Since then, total cloud cover.  Maybe this afternoon.

sunrise 4-14-2013 CR3sunrise 4-14-2013 CR1


One response to “Sunrise 4-14-2013 Lorain County Ohio USA

  1. I remember one April when we lived in Athens that we did not see the sun for weeks. Our neighbor’s son was almost a month old before he saw the sun shine. John and I were flying somewhere another time when we lived in Columbus and had not seen the sun for weeks and when the jet broke through the clouds into the sun, everyone was excited. And, so it goes.