Finally, Warmer Weather and Grilling Outside

by Mark Schrull

4/28/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – Today in Northern Ohio it is cloudy and rainy.  But the weather is steadily getting warmer as spring takes hold.  Yesterday it was 64 Degrees and sunny. spring cr

The winter which wouldn’t give up is fading fast.

Everywhere I look spring is sprouting.  The neighbor’s tulips and daffodils are in full bloom now.

I have been very busy this last week and a half with jobs that couldn’t be put off.  My writing and internet time came screeching to a halt when Rhonda’s car went down with brake problems I couldn’t put off.  After installing new brakes and rotors it was on the road again, only to come down with wheel bearing problems.  Another whole day passed replacing the wheel bearing housing.  Let me tell you those bolts are knuckle busters!

There is a funny story I want to share about working on the car.  After I get the  car front-end jacked up and placed on jack stands, I take the wheel off so I can inspect around the axle and see whats going on.  Naturally Brutis was out there with me as he just has to know what is going on at our house all the time.

Anyway, I am on my hands and knees with my head up in the wheel housing looking all around, checking the shocks and the brakes and the parts, trying to figure out whats wrong with this car now when I feel something right next to my head.

It was Brutis, looking up at the same things I was looking at.  He seems to DSCF7360notice me as I notice him and we are looking at each other nose to nose and his expression is like, “What do you think the problem is?” 

I busted out laughing and told him get the heck out of here.  He backs up a little and starts looking up into the engine area again like a ham sandwich was going to be falling out.  He’s something else.

Well the repairs are finished and the car is back on the road.tool box

I spent the sunny day yesterday putting all the tools away and trying to organize the garage some more.

During winter it seems the garage becomes a catch-all for everything we want out of our view until summer.

There are an infinite number of chores which still need doing, but none so pressing as a broken car.
With nice weather comes  grilling outside.  Last evening we enjoyed some burgers and hot dogs cooked on the grill.  The first of many grilled delights.

burgers 4-28-13

I hope this doesn’t make you too hungry.


2 responses to “Finally, Warmer Weather and Grilling Outside

  1. Right above the comment box it says, “What do you think??”
    Well, I think if it does not hurry up and get warm DOWN here, I am moving north. This has been a miserable April this year. Last year was the warmest April in history keeping in Alabama. This year I just keep getting cold. I am south, It should be hot by April., But, I know I will eat my words in a short wile, wishing for cooler times. Oh well.
    glad you spring is coming. We too, had bearing and breaks replaced on my car this month. Only 13 years old, they just don’t make them like they used to. (but, probably this is nto the first time),