Wild Spring Flowers – Day’s Dam Metro Park – Lorain Ohio

by Mark Schrull

5/1/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – It is May first and spring flowers are in full bloom everywhere.  Taking advantage of the nice weather, yesterday, Brutis and took a walk in one of the finest Lorain County Metro Parks, Day’s Dam.

Wild spring flowers are in full bloom along the walking paths.  Don’t wait to long to get out and see them; spring flowers grow and bloom fast.  They have to complete their cycle before the tree leaves create the shady canopy above the forest floor.

In a week they will be gone.  Here are some shots of spring flowers along our walk.

Wild 3CRWild 1CRWild 2CRWild 5Wild 4CR

A Red Winged Black Bird was curious as to what we were up to.

Wild 6CR

Not spring flowers, but these Cat Tails are always worth the look.  I converted the shot to black and white.

Wild 7CR

Fine days are in the immediate future so get out to your local park and enjoy the weather.

In other news, I added a link to the current weather conditions as reported by the Lorain Water Plant.  Just click the picture on the side bar and you will  be transported instantaneously there through the miracles of internet technology.  Hit your browser’s  back button to return to LifeInLorain.


2 responses to “Wild Spring Flowers – Day’s Dam Metro Park – Lorain Ohio

  1. those bluebells are beautiful, I am wondering if the white flowers are spring beauty as I just posted the same flower in my blog, violets are abundant here as well, quite beautiful tho they are taking over my driverway, lol