Blog Housekeeping Post 5-13-2013

5/13/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – I have added two new permanent features in the sidebar of LifeInLorain:

  • A direct link to current weather conditions in Lorain, Ohio. This public weather station is located at the City of Lorain Water Purification Plant located on the shoreline of Lake Erie, at 1106 First Street.  (Just click on the picture in the sidebar.)
  • A live feed of my Twitter account.  (You can now see some of the things I am currently up to here in Lorain County, Ohio, USA – through the eyes of my smart phone.)

Also, I updated and adjusted the mobile presentation settings on the blog.  Now when you view LifeInLorain with a mobile device, only a summary of current posts will show with a “continue reading” option.  This makes it easier for mobile device visitors to quickly scan the blog to find what they want.



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