Brutis – Pure Green Power

by Mark Schrull

Me and Brutis CR5/14/2013 Lorain, Ohio – Brutis was up to his old tricks again this past Mother’s Day.  Despite my lectures about abusing his super powers, I caught him red-handed trying to mind control one of my guests.  I have photos to prove it!

Notice how Brutis is behaving himself in this photograph of me holding him from an earlier date.

Now look at this snap shot of me holding him on Mother’s Day.  Keep in mind we were having a cook out and everyone was eating hamburgers and hot dogs all day long.

See how his eyes are starting to glow green!

Right after this shot was taken the photographer expressed a desire to feed Brutis a burger.  It was scary.  Fortunately I recognized the effects of Brutis’ mind ray and I took steps to break the spell.

Here he was begging for a hot dog,  again using his power for food.

Green eye stand CR

Being a responsible pet owner I can’t let Brutis use his super powers for just anything.  Earlier this year I caught him trying to make Mandy order a pizza.

Cell Phone CR

Yes, life with Brutis and his super powers is tough.  But rest assured I will be diligent.  Next time he might want to talk to the President.

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To see Brutis use his green eye ray to kill a spider, click on the video link in the sidebar, or click here:


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