Cold Outside But Warm Inside

by Mark Schrull

5/24/2013 Lorain, Ohio, USA – “The weather outside is frightful…” Well Sausage Fryingmaybe not as bad as that Christmas carol – but it is quite chilly out there.  Was in the mid-forties when I rose this morning and the clouds looked like snow makers.  The flowers in my front garden don’t know what to think.  Betsy Kling, Chief Meteorologist at Channel 3 News out of Cleveland says I may have to worry about a frost tomorrow morning here in Northern Ohio. Follow her on twitter – @betsykling

But inside we are keeping the heat on at LifeInLorain.  We made a hearty breakfast with hot sausage and sausage gravy.  Of course Eggs, Toast, and hash browns were part of the deal, but I will focus on the gravy since it is so chilly outside.

We started with a roll of hot sausage, frying it and reserving the grease.

I know, I know, But I never said this breakfast was heart healthy.

I transferred the grease to a heavier pan and added 3/4 of a cup of flour.  With the heat on high and constantly stirring I make the rue.

Sausage Gravy

3 cups of whole milk is added to the bubbling grease and flour mix…

Sausage Milk

Sausage stir

Stirring constantly until the gravy thickens.

I added about a quarter tea-spoon of pepper and stirred it into the gravy, but I didn’t add any salt.  (I figure the sausage meat had enough already.)

And that is it – easy hearty and most importantly hot on this chilly day.

Sausage Done

  1. 1 roll of breakfast sausage (hot)
  2. 3/4 of a cup of flour
  3. 3 cups of milk
  4. 1/4 tea-spoon pepper

Thank you to my lovely wife and finger model, Rhonda!  


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